CIP Fast Fill & Agriculture Tanks

CIP Fast-Fill Pipeline Wash System

Introducing the CIP Fast-Fill Pipeline Wash System from Burch Tank. This innovative wash system is designed to maximize CIP washing efficiency, saving time and money!

The Burch CIP Fast-Fill Pipeline Wash System was developed to cut the time needed in a CIP wash cycle. One limiting factor was that the flow coming out of water softeners was too slow.

With the Burch insulated standard stainless steel 1,300 gallon storage tank, we can fill the tank with 160 degree soft water between the wash cycles. The first cycle of the wash is flushing the system with 160 degree of water. The water stays hot during the entire rinse, so there is a saving of chemical use. During wash cycles, high-speed pumps inject the proper amount of chemicals into the system at the correct time.

This system has saved over an hour per day washing the CIP piping. This is a huge time savings, allowing farms to add more cows or just make scheduling easier.

  • System includes standard stainless steel insulated tank, hot water heater, pumps, valves, chemical pumps and electronic controls.
  • Sold as a drop in place skid unit or components to be assembled
  • Tank can be built to customer-specific sizes
  • International sales available

Agricultural Tank Services:

Burch Tank builds custom agricultural tanks for fertilizer, manure, water, etc… We can build new tanks to order in addition to selling used tanks.

• Manure tanks with hydraulic articulating booms
• Built to order custom tanks
• New stainless steel fertilizer tanks
• Repairs and modifications to all makes and models of agricultural tanks